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Vintage Street Fighter 2 Blanka Action Figure

Vintage Street Fighter 2 'Blanka' action figure

  • £34.99

This highly collectible cult action figure was produced under the GI JOE line way back in 1993 and was fully endorsed by Capcom. Amazing.

This unique and rare Blanka action figure comes with a staggering 9 accessories and includes a working, firing beast blaster cannon! Incredible.


FIGHTING STYLE : Savage Jungle Fighting
BIRTHDATE : February 12, 1966
HEIGHT : 6' 5"  
WEIGHT : 218 lbs.

Very little is known about this bizarre fighter from the jungles of Brazil. For years, the natives have reported seeing a half-man, half-beast roaming the rain forests. But, it was only within the last year, that the beast named Blanka appeared in the cities of Brazil and challenged any fighter who would dare oppose him. Normally passive and docile, when enraged Blanka attacks like an uncaged animal. Blanka uses his speed and agility to inflict maximum damage on his opponents. He often uses his claws and razor sharp teeth to shred his opponent into small pieces.

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