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The Iron Giant Animated Coin Bank

The Iron Giant Animated Coin Bank

  • £129.99

The Iron Giant animated coin bank.The metal munching iron giant chomps down on your change!

  • Artistic reproduction of Dean McCoppen's junkyard
  • Hogarth Hughes hangs on as the Iron Giant smashes a car!
  • Light-up eyes
  • Chewing and chomping action with sound FX
  • Talks phrases from trhe animated motion picture
  • Produced by Trendmasters in 1999

Please note that due to this item's age the 'try me' batteries will need replacing. The box has shelf wear, which includes slight creases of the cardboard, minor dents in the perspex bubbleand old sticker price marks. If the condition of the packaging is of paramount importance to you, please email us at to comprehensively confirm stock condition.

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