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The Adventures Of Batman And Robin Gotham City Micro Playset

The Adventures of Batman and Robin 'Gotham City Micro Playset'

  • £59.99

This playset was  themed on the animated series 'The Adventures of Batman and Robin' animated series. They made various playsets, figure packs and vehicle packs. The set looks like a building, but opens up to reveal a Batsignal that pops up, Batcave with transformation chamber, jail and secret elevator to the Batcave. Included in the set are tiny figures of Batman, Bruce Wayne and The Joker. Batman has a clip on wing set to hanglide over the villains. These DC MicroVerse playsets are super rare and collectible. 

  • Batsignal springs to action when GOTHAM CITY is revelaed
  • Batcave Transformation Chamber
  • Gotham City Jail
  • Secret elevator to Batcave
  • Includes Joker, Bruce Wayne, Batman figures plus two bags of loot for Joker to steal!
  • Released in 1997
  • By Kenner

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