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Tekken 3 Paul Phoenix Action Figure

Tekken 3 'Paul Phoenix' action figure

  • £59.99

Paul went undefeated through the entire King of Iron Fist Tournament 3 and was even victorious against Ogre. Swelling with pride, Paul returned home. However, Paul's happy ending was short-lived. Unknown to Paul, Ogre morphed into his second form - True Ogre - and the tournament continued after his departure.
Although Paul asserted that he was the true champion of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3, few believed him and even those that did eventually grew tired of his attitude. Friends and admirers slowly disappeared, and his dojo eventually went out of business from the lack of students. Bummer!

This detailed action figure is approx 6" tall, was sculpted by Yoshimasa Nakao and quite simply, ROCKS. It was made by Epoch back in 1998.

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