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Star Wars ice cube tray set

  • £34.99

This set of 8, yes 8 Star Wars ice cube trays/molds have multiple uses; not just ice. The possibilities are practically endless. Here's 10 of our favourite suggestions:

1. Berry Fizzers
Ready to make a splash? Pop a couple blueberries or blackberries into each ice cube tray slot and fill the remainder with plain or flavored seltzer. Once frozen, add the fizzy chillers to seltzer or juice for a fancy, but budget-friendly, mocktail.

2. Wine Cubes
White wine makes for a refreshing summer sipper, but a warm version? No thanks. Chill that wine with 100 percent wine cubes (it’s as easy as pouring and freezing). For an even fancier variety, freeze champagne for a lightly fizzed wine that’s perfect for sangria.

3. Seasoning Nuggets

Save fresh herbs and spices by chopping, then freezing them in water, oil or vegetable stock. Fill each well about two-thirds of the way with herbs, then cover with preferred liquid. When it comes time to sauté or stir fry, add a cube right into the pan, or drop a couple cubes into a pot of rice to beat the bland.

4. Coffee Cubes
On a sweltering day, there’s nothing better than an iced coffee to cool off (and caffeinate). But it’s no fun when that chilled cup of Joe turns into sad, watery mess. For a non-diluted morning jolt, pop in two to three java cubes per cup. Simply brew two cups of coffee and let them cool to room temperature, then pour and freeze (you can also customize them with milk and sweetener before freezing).

5. Smoothie Squares
Turn that watery post-workout shake into a feel-good frosted treat. First, freeze plain or flavored yogurt, then blend with frozen fruit and your choice of milk. But watch out for brain-freeze! 

6. Grown-Up Jelly Shots
Make jelly shots (with or without alcohol) in an ice cube tray. Jelly on it’s own is a low-cal and refreshing snack when it’s toasty out. Plus the fun factor is hard to beat.

7. Chocolate Milk Cubes
Pour and freeze chocolate milk into cubes to cool off (and jazz up!) a plain glass of milk. Feeling fancy? Toss the frozen chocolate milk cubes into a food processor or blender, and pulse for a single-ingredient chocolate milk slushie.

8. After-Dinner Treat
Create perfectly portioned sweets by combining melted dark chocolate, chopped nuts and dried fruit. Pour the mixture into an ice cube tray and freeze. Delisch! 

9. Cocktail Cubes
Turn a basic homemade drink into an Instagram-worthy cocktail in just seconds. Simply pour water over chopped or whole herbs, like mint (or even edible flowers!), then freeze.

10. Seedless Lemon Water
Skip the seeds and freeze lemon or lime juice for a light and easy flavored drink. For extra oohs and aahs, dress the cubes up with herbs (think: dill or basil) for a boost of savory sophistication. Or, incorporate some citrus zest for an even more intense burst of flavor.

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