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Sherlock Action Figure

Sherlock action figure

  • £29.99

This highly detailed action figure comes in a collectors box and is complete with violin, mobile phone and skull accessories. He's 5" tall and has poseable arms.

Did you know that in the classic literature, Holmes often said “elementary” and “My dear Watson” but never “Elementary my dear Watson.”?

Also, in the 1969 Oxford-Cambridge chess match, players named Holmes and Watson both won their games for Oxford. Incredible.

Based on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (who incidentally was also a ship’s surgeon, a boxer, Deputy Lieutenant of Surrey and a first-class cricketer. Wow), Sherlock is superbly written, produced and acted; it's a credit to the BBC.

Featuring Smaug as Mr Holmes and Bilbo Baggins as Dr. Watson, yes Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman work wonders on this show. Bravo.


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