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Retro Arcade Space Invaders Salt N Pepper Shaker Set

Retro Arcade 'Space Invaders' Salt N Pepper Shaker Set

  • £19.99

Space Invaders is as legendary as Pacman and Pong.
When we say 'Salt N Pepper', we aren't taling about how to 'Push it Real Good!', we're talking about condiments. Super cool condiments.
Did you know that Space Invaders even has its own crisps line? Or was that Space Invaders?! (rip off alert, rip off alert!). 
Speaking of potatoes (or was it maize?), you can know season your chips with this truly awesome unique set. 
Any dining room table or kitchen top is IMMEDIATELY going to look better with these alien invaders looking menacing, retro and ready to season your salad. 

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