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Horrified B-Movie Victims Action Figurine Collection

Horrified B-Movie Victims action figurine collection

  • £49.99

These are just simply something else.

There's a total of 9 figurines and each one is terrified. They're either attempting to run away, crawl away or look paralysed with fear.

These figurines are PERFECT for displaying next to your favourite model, figure, teddy bear or even photograph on the mantelpiece. That's right, whomever or whatever you want can instantly become one of the most scary beings in the whole universe, thanks to these horrified victims that come to us courtesy of Accoutrements.

In Accoutrements' own words: "We provide the screaming hordes! You provide the monster!"

Each figurine is approximately 2" tall and ready to make anyone or anything look monstrous

All you need now is your IMAGINATION.



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