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Vintage Street Fighter 2 Ryu Action Figure

Vintage Street Fighter 2 'Ryu' action figure

  • £39.99

This highly collectible cult action figure was produced under the GI JOE line way back in 1993 and was fully endorsed by Capcom. Amazing.

This unique and rare Ryu action figure comes with a staggering 8 accessories, and has a spring action Dragon Punch action feature! Fantastic.


FIGHTING STYLE : Shotokan Style Karate
BIRTHDATE : July 27, 1964
HEIGHT : 5' 10"  
WEIGHT : 150 lbs.

A student of Shotokan school of Karate, Ryu has developed into a pure warrior. He has devoted his entire life to the perfection of his fighting skills and has left everything else in his life. Ryu has no home, no friends and no family. Instead, he wanders the globe seeking to test his skills against other fighters. Probably the strongest all-around fighter, Ryu claimed the title of World Champion after his narrow defeat of Sagat. Cool and calculating, Ryu is very patient in combat. When Ryu observes weakness, he moves quickly to dispatch his opponents with the awesome power of his Dragon Punch.

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