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Vintage Street Fighter 2 Ken Action Figure

Vintage Street Fighter 2 'Ken' action figure

  • £34.99

This highly collectible cult action figure was produced under the GI JOE line way back in 1993 and was fully endorsed by Capcom. Amazing.

This unique and rare Ken Masters action figure comes with a staggering 8 accessories.


FIGHTING STYLE : Shotokan Style Karate
BIRTHDATE : February 14, 1965
HEIGHT : 5' 11"
WEIGHT : 169 lbs.

A disciple of Shotokan school of karate, Ken Masters is a natural athlete. Unfortunately, his natural fighting skill fueled his giant ego and he is constantly reminding his opponents that he is the greatest fighter of all time. For the past year, he has let his skills deteriorate and has spent most of his time on the beach with his girlfriend Eliza. Only a challenge from his old training partner, Ryu, has rekindled his fighting spirit. Brash and arrogant, Ken Masters loves to show off during a fight. After knocking his opponent senseless with his Fireball, he loves to stand over his opponents and laughs at them.


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