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Tekken 3 Forest Law Action Figure

Tekken 3 'Forest Law' action figure

  • £59.99

The proud son of Marshall Law, Forest trains at his father's dojo to achieve equal greatness. As a protective father, Marshall forbids his son from any contests outside the dojo. Marshall's longtime friend and competitor Paul Phoenix visits every three months to spar with Marshall. One day when Paul arrived for a routine sparring, Marshall was away supervising the building of a new dojo. Paul insists that Forest join him in some training exercises. Forest declines, knowing that his father would disapprove. But Paul won't take no for an answer. Unaware of Forest's restrictions on fighting, Paul suggests to Forest that he join The King of the Iron Fist Tournament 3. Paul sells Forest on the idea by telling him he's a better fighter than his father. Forest knew his father would be angry, but he had to prove his worthiness of one day inheriting the dojo. Marshall was enraged when he found out what happened. To him; it's like his son was kidnapped. Drama.

This detailed action figure is approx 6" tall, has tonfa and nunchucks accessories, was sculpted by Hiroki Hayashi and quite simply, ROCKS. It was made by Epoch back in 2000.

Please note that there is some yellowing to the plastic packaging, due to age.

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