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Street Fighter Round 2 Cammy Action Figure (Pink Variant)

Street Fighter Round 2 'Cammy' action figure (pink variant)

  • £44.99

A lady close to our heart as she is England's very own, Cammy has an intriguing past:

Originally a 'Shadaloo Doll,' Cammy was once controlled by Shadaloo using M.Bison's DNA. In the timeline of Street Fighter Alpha 3, Cammy is sent to assassinate Dhalsim. Instead, Dhalsim uses his spiritual powers to make her self-aware, causing her to finally realize that Shadaloo was controlling her. Suspecting he was losing his control over Cammy, Bison sends Vega to observe her. When Vega confronts her, he tells her she was an experiment and was no longer needed and attacks her, but Cammy defeats him.

Cammy comes with the extra head and hands accessories, so you can pose her to your hearts delight. 

The Sota line of Street Fighter action figures are amongst our favourite ever made. Fact.

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