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Street Fighter Round 2 T.hawk Action Figure

Street Fighter Round 2 'T.Hawk' action figure

  • £59.99

Thunder Hawk is the greatest warrior of the proud Thunderfoot tribe. When he was an infant, the Thunderfoot tribe were being forced off their land by Shadaloo. Some of the tribe members resisted and fought against Shadaloo, but many were killed. T. Hawk's father, Arroyo Hawk, was also killed by M Bison. After learning about Shadaloo, T. Hawk vowed revenge on Bison for his actions and to reclaim the land that was taken from his people. Many tribe members also went missing, and T. Hawk took the responsibility of finding them. 

T Hawk comes here in his classic blue colour, and is complete with extra hands and bird of prey accessories. Ready to give you one hell of a headache with his trademark Storm Hammer, this figure is the bees knees.

 The Sota line of Street Fighter action figures are amongst our favourite ever made. Fact. 

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