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Silent Screamers The Golem Deluxe Action Figure

Silent Screamers 'The Golem' deluxe action figure

  • £59.99

Silent Screamers The Golem deluxe action figure.

The film Der Golem is based on the Jewish legend of the Golem, a creature brought to life from clay in Prague by a Rabbi in the Middle Ages. Created to be a protector, the Golem turns on those he was created to protect. Prague still has a statue of the Golem near the entrance to the former 'Jewish area' - thus the importance of the door to this figure. The Golem action figure set consists of the figure, a book, and a door with stone base. The Golem is about 11" tall, and has some articulation: neck, waist, boots, hands, and the right elbow. The book accessory is a large book of Jewish mysticism. The Door is about 12.5" wide and 19.5" tall. It consists of a stone-texture base, and the door itself. The display assembles and disassembles very easily into 5 pieces: two for the stone base, two for the door, and one for the point on the very top of the door. The door is detailed on both sides. The door is useful for displaying figures other than the Golem; it works as a backdrop for Frankenstein, or any figure from the Silent Screamers set.

  • Silent Screamers 'The Golem'
  • Deluxe figure
  • 20" high display base!
  • By Mezco

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