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Good vs Evil Unicorns figure set

  • £34.99

Good vs Evil Unicorns figure set, yes, really! 

Deep in the recesses of Magic Fairyland there is a majestic meadow, half in shadow, half in light, where two unicorns engage in a battle of epic proportions. Little Princess fights for all things pure and true while Destructicorn fights for chaos and despair. The fate of Fairyland lies in their horns! 

These action figures that Accoutrements produced are simply SPLENDID.

If you're looking a unique gift, or the action figure collection that has it all and then some, then, well, you've found exactly where you need to be...

  • Good vs Evil
  • Unicorns
  • Approx 5" tall
  • Poseable
  • By accoutrements 


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