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Mr Bacon Vs Monsieur Tofu Action Figure Set Figures

Mr Bacon VS Monsieur Tofu action figure set

  • £29.99

Everyone (carnivorous) loves bacon. Some people love it excessively. We all know one, two or twenty people that testify to this fact. Should we hate them?

F them! Yes! We love Tofu. No animals harmed. Everyone wins. See how this works? Good.

Only one can remain at the top of the food chain!

These action figures that Accoutrements produced are simply SPLENDID and quite often ludicrous.

If you're looking for a unique gift, or the action figure collection that has it all and then some, then, well, you've found exactly where you need to be...

  • Bacon vs Tofu
  • Approx 4" tall
  • Rare and unique
  • By Accoutrements

Please note that the outer packaging has slight crumpling/signs of shelf wear. The item, however, is new and not really affected. Boom!


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