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Movie Maniacs The Thing Blair Monster Action Figure

Movie Maniacs The Thing 'Blair Monster' action figure

  • £39.99

John Carpenter's The Thing graced our screens in 1982 and featured gruesome special effects that seemed ahead of their time.

PLEASE NOTE this Blair Monster figure is new in sealed box, but one of the dog/hand attachments has snapped off and is loose in the box. This does not detract from the piece and should be an easy fix once opened.

This action figure is based on the Blair monster that emerges during the films climax. And if you want reminding how that played out, well, here you go. You're welcome:


Movie Maniacs ranks as one of the most grotesque and highly detailed action figure series to date. Produced by McFarlane Toys in 1998, these are definitely NOT for children. 



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