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Neca Cult Classics Captain Spaulding Action Figure

Neca Cult Classics 'Captain Spaulding' action figure

  • £44.99

This action figure is based on the cult classic (and quite terrible) House of 1000 Corpses!

For those that don't know, our twisted tale begins with four youths: nerdy Bill Hudley, his hyper and wise-cracking friend, Jerry Goldsmith, Bill's snotty girlfriend, Mary Knowles, and Jerry's level-headed girlfriend, Denise Willis. On the night before Halloween of 1977, the four of them are driving in the middle of nowhere to Denise's house in a town called Ruggsville.

Running out of gas, the group stops at Captain Spaulding's Museum of Monsters and Madmen, an unusual establishment that serves as a gas station, museum of oddities, haunted house attraction, and chicken wing fry. Inside, the group (whose male members are enthusiasts of offbeat roadside attractions) meet Captain Spaulding, a foul-mouthed, slobbish, and somewhat psychotic clown. After riding his "famous" murder ride, a cheap dark-ride full of monster props and serial killer exhibits, Jerry becomes infatuated with the local legend of a surgeon known as Doctor Satan for his cruel treatment of mental patients.

Obsessed with finding the tree where a mob allegedly lynched the mass murderer, Jerry begs Spaulding for hand-drawn directions and coerces the group to drive out in search of it in  an oncoming storm after Denise rang and told her dad they will be late. On the way, much to the women's reluctance, the foursome pick up a beautiful, but eccentric hitchhiker who later calls herself Baby and claims she lives not far from the tree. She offers to lend shelter to the four when their tire flattens under mysterious circumstances. Inside the isolated farmhouse, the couples meet Baby's equally eccentric family who all love halloween consisting of Otis Driftwood, a Charles Manson-esque sadist with a God complex, Mother Firefly, a flirtatious old hag who dresses in burlesque outfits, Rufus Jr., a hulking brute in bearskin who has a knack for repairing things, Tiny, a silent and deformed giant with a nonviolent nature, and Grandpa Hugo, a crude and dirty old man of banal aesthetic. The youngsters insists that they get to a phone to call for help but Mother Firefly claims to not have one and takes slight offense that the teenagers aren't into the halloween spirit, telling them that will change during their stay.

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