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Lord Of The Rings The Dark Sauron Deluxe Action Figure (Red Box)

Lord of the Rings 'The Dark Lord Sauron' deluxe action figure (Red box)

  • £79.99

Sauron is presented here as a very decent scaled deluxe figure; he has good articulation, accessories (his mace and one ring itself!) and sound action (cue classic lines such as 'YOU CANNOT HIDE' and 'THERE IS NO LIFE IN THE VOID'). His eyes even light up too, to boot!

For those well versed in the book, you may well be wondering about the age old (no pun intended) classic question: who was more powerful - Morgoth or Sauron?

Well, allow us to present a small presentation on that very question (you're welcome):

There is no question that Morgoth at his greatest, in the Years of the Trees, was much more powerful than Sauron ever was. But to clarify Ron Meyers' answer, Tolkien more specifically said that Sauron at his greatest (the end of the Second Age) was greater than Morgoth at his weakest (the end of the First Age), and that the reason for this was that Sauron was more clever in the use of his power.

Morgoth spent his power in the 'brute force' method of attempting to control the very matter of Arda itself, e.g by creating the orcs, trolls, and dragons, raising the gigantic Iron Mountains, and changing the weather (the winters became colder in Beleriand as the power of Morgoth increased). By the end of the First Age Morgoth had spent so much of his power that he had become bound to his earthly form, unlike the other Valar, and could be physically harmed, as he was in the duel with Fingolfin.

Sauron, on the other hand, channelled his own power into charm and deception - hence the title "Sauron the Deceiver". He helped to forge the Rings of Power in order to bind to his command those he gave the rings to, he sent forth his will to sow fear and confusion in the minds of his enemies, and manipulated various peoples of men into serving him from the beginning of his rule. He also raised mountain ranges and altered the weather, but such means were not paramount to him.

Now, Morgoth had inadvertently laid part of the foundation for Sauron by creating the orcs and trolls, but Sauron still chose not to continue down that path and opted to focus on messing with people's minds instead. What a villain!

  • Sauron
  • Electronic sounds and light
  • Poseable
  • 10" tall
  • By Toybiz




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