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Lord Of The Rings The Return King Theoden Medallion No. 11 (Sideshow Weta)

Lord of the Rings 'The Return of King Theoden' Medallion No. 11 (Sideshow Weta)

  • £119.99

Lord of the Rings 'The Return of King Theoden' Medallion No. 11 (Sideshow Weta).

The Lord of the Rings Medallions (16 in all) represent the very best in low-relief artistry. The Medallions were originally crafted in New Zealand by the same artisans at Weta Workshop that have worked on all three films in the epic trilogy. Those artisans created a beautiful range of Medallions that capture a moment of what you will see on each film. Presented with an aged bronze patina, along with a Certificate of Authenticity, these medallions measure approximately 6" (diameter) and are all various sized limited editions.

It was one part slow poison from the words of Grima Wormtongue, and a second part spell of Saruman, that had corrupted the mind of Theoden, King of the Mark. It was in The two Towers that Theoden would finally be freed by Gandalf from the control of the wizard Saruman. Only then could King Theoden of Rohan put forth the might of his Rohirrim in support of the forces of light. Unable to defeat the Rohirrim by subtle means, Saruman had resolved to attack the people of Rohan with his vast Uruk-Hai army. King Theoden would then rise to meet this seemingly indomitable challenge, mustering his forces in Helm’s Deep, where with the aid of the Galadhrim led by Haldir, he fought to save his people.

  • The Return of King Theoden
  • Limited edition
  • Handcrafted collectible
  • Heavyweight polystone
  • By Sideshow Weta

Please note that this Medallion has been opened (due the nature of its fragility) for inspection purposes only, and that the box shows slight signs of shelf wear.

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