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Lord Of The Rings Ugluk Uruk-Hai Action Figure

Lord of the Rings 'Ugluk Uruk-Hai' action figure

  • £34.99

Ugluk is the Uruk-Hai chief who took command after Lurtz was killed by Aragorn. 

Ugluk is famous for his line 'It looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!', after a disagreement with a Mordor Orc or two: 


Produced by Toybiz in 2002, these figures feature fantastic articulation, detailing and attractive packaging, and therefore are a must for fans of the trilogy. Amen.

J R R Tolkien studied and taught at Oxford University, and while there he started a writing group called The Inklings, which counted among its members C.S. Lewis and Owen Barfield (a little known fact is that here at OCC, we can be sometimes be spotted in 'The Eagle and Child', chosen and preferred pub of the Inklings, enjoying a pint of fine ale, sitting in the EXACT spot where Tolkien himself used to sit).

It was also at Oxford, while grading a paper, that he spontaneously wrote a short line about "a hobbit."





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