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Lord Of The Rings Arms Hobbits Weapon Plaque (Sideshow Weta)

Lord of the Rings 'Arms of the Hobbits' Weapon Plaque (Sideshow Weta)

  • £139.99

The Arms of the Hobbits features the weapons of the Hobbits. This beautiful collection is permanently mounted on a black, oval display plaque with the map of Middle-earth etched into its surface. The back of the plaque carries the film's logo, weapon names and the weapon sculptors' signatures. It also benefits with an antiqued display stand as well as a printed certificate highlighting the weapon names, which include four of the swords used by the Hobbits, plus Sam's trusty frying pan!

  • Arms of the Hobbits
  • Beautiful 1:4 scaled replica weapon plaque
  • Handcrafted collectible
  • Limited edition of only 2500 worldwide
  • Official licensed product
  • By Sideshow Weta

Please note that due to its fragile nature, this plaque has been opened for inspection purposes.

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