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Lord of the Rings Armies of Middle-earth 'Battle at Helm's Deep' set

  • £149.99

The Helm's Deep Playset includes a section of the Deeping Wall with the entrance gate to the Hornburg, as well as a section of the rampart leading to it. Also included is an exclusive Legolas in Rohan Armor, an Uruk-Hai bomber and Aragorn in Helm's Deep armor set of figures.

Often shortened to the acronym 'AOME', these armies of Middle-earth figures and playsets feature legions of warriors and characters from Peter Jackson's epic trilogy. Recreate your favourite battles and scenes and relive the magic. 

  • Lord of the Rings AOME
  • 1/24 scale
  • Licensed by New Line Cinema
  • Long out of production
  • By Play Along

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