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Lord Of The Rings Armies Middle-Earth Deluxe Warrior Collection

Lord of the Rings Armies of Middle-earth 'Deluxe Warrior Collection'

  • £69.99

Armies of Middle-earth deluxe warrior collection, including: BatteringRam with x4 Uruk Hai, Rohan Horseman, Gandalf on Shadowfax, Aragorn on Horseback, Sharku on Warg, Frodo, Gollum, Elven Archer, Moria Orc Bowman and Moria Orc Sneak.

Often shortened to the acronym 'AOME', these armies of Middle-earth figures and playsets feature legions of warriors and characters from Peter Jackson's epic trilogy. Recreate your favourite battles and scenes and relive the magic. 

  • Lord of the Rings AOME
  • 1/24 scale
  • Licensed by New Line Cinema
  • Long out of production
  • By Play Along

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