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Jurassic Park electronic Tyrannosaurus Rex toy

  • £119.99

The first and most classic large Kenner sculpt of the Tyrant Lizard King.

This action figure was made to accompany the released set measures some 60 centimetres in length and stands approx 20 centimetres tall. The iconic T-Rex has interesting features too; these consist of a biting action and a vicious roar/stomping sounds. Pressing the left flank makes the jaws open and the creature roar, while placing the Rex’s legs down with causes stomping noises.However, we imagine that a collector would want to keep this fierce lad in the box.

Speaking of which, the box here has been opened and has some slight shelf wear (see pictures). However, the Rex is still tied into the box inner insert so really does have a 'new' feeling to it, which is impressive seeing as it was released by Kenner way back in 1993.  

  • T-Rex
  • Electronic sounds
  • 60cm long
  • Iconic
  • By Kenner
  • Made in 1993


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