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Hellraiser Series Two Surgeon Action Figure

Hellraiser Series two 'Surgeon' action figure

  • £34.99

This rather superbly detailed action figure come from those clever folk at Reel Toys/Neca.

Surgeon is somewhat of a ghastly chap. In his previous incarnation, 'Deacon Vranian' was said to possess the the most skilled hands of any doctor EVER. However, one 'error' cost him his reputation and sanity. This resulted in him embarking on his own dark quest for 'The Box' and the redemption of 'The Cenobites'. Trust us; you really wouldn't want himn working on you know; his blades are rusty and his soul is BLACKENED.

Surgeon comes with An excellent (a display piece in of itself) piece of the Pillar of Souls and chain/weapon accessories. Yeah, we LOVE it.

Surgeon is approx 8" tall and really quite grotesque. Kudos, mate. 

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