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Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone Hagrid Action Figure

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 'Hagrid' action figure

  • £39.99

Hagrid action figure. Magic.

  • Hagrid
  • Baby Norbert and magic umbrella included
  • Approx 8" tall
  • Released in 2001
  • By Mattel

Please note that the perspex has come away from the card, so whilst this figure is still classed as 'new' it is by no means in mint condition.

Do you know why is the Philosopher's Stone is also known as the Sorcerer's Stone?
It's because 'they' thought that a child would not want to read a book with the word 'philosopher' in the title and, after some discussion, the American edition was published in September 1998 under the title Rowling herself suggested; 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone'. You're welcome.

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