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Gremlins Video Game Nes Stripe Action Figure

Gremlins 'Video Game NES Stripe' action figure

  • £29.99

This Stripe figure is based of the hugely successful Nintendo Entertainment System game: Gremlins 2.

Spike has his menacing Uzi and looks like he's humped straight off a screen that's linked up to a NES!

Fans have proclaimed Neca legends when it comes to their Gremlins line. We're happy to have them, as here at OCC, we totally agree!

Just for giggles, here's a wonderful Spike snippet (which also has some fun theories re. the 'after midnight' rule...):

Gremlins F.A.C.T:

Corey Feldman, who plays Billy’s pal Pete, later co-starred in the Steven Spielberg-produced 'The Goonies.' When police are dismissing claims made by Chunk, an officer on the phone replies: “Just like that last prank—about all those little creatures that multiply when you throw water on them.”


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