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Gremlins Lenny Gremlin Action Figure

Gremlins 'Lenny Gremlin' action figure

  • £44.99

Lenny is the goofy menace (not two words that we often hear in conjunction). Lenny is seen here wearing the chef's hat:

Gremlins F.A.C.T:

In this age when seemingly everything is available to watch on demand in an instant, it is beyond frustrating when certain media seems to be lost to the mists of time. Such is the case with Gizmo and the Gremlins. This pilot for a potential ongoing series — which would have seen the cute Mogwai fighting Stripe and his cronies on a weekly basis — never aired, and may not ever have been completed. What we do know is that the toon would have reached the airwaves around the same time as Tiny Toon Adventures and Batman: The Animated Series, and that Quincy Jones’ name was bandied about to create a theme song. Other than that, the project remains an absolute mystery … as does a companion show based on the Griswolds from the National Lampoon’s Vacation movies that was also proposed at the same time.

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