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Game Of Thrones Sansa Stark Cult Vinyl Figurine Mystery Mini

Game of Thrones 'Sansa Stark' cult vinyl figurine

  • £14.99

Sansa Stark. Eesh. The girl has been through some dark times. 

Have your pet Dire Wolf 'put down' because of a filthy lie: Check

Watching your dad get beheaded: Check 

Pledge yourself to a violent psychopath, who is also the king: Check

Be taunted about your mother and brother's brutal death: Check

Be married off to a man who surpasses Joffrey in terms of twisted, satanic, evil persona: Check

We could go on.

But Sansa is a true survivor and seems to have finally found her footing. She is now making wise decisions.

Thank ALL the gods. Although we bet that her therapy bill is a little on the high side.

These super cute, cult figurines are ready to adorn your bedroom, lounge, car or Christmas tree!

Produced by Funko, Sansa stands discreetly at approximately 3" tall.

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