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Funko A Clockwork Orange Alex Mystery Mini Figurine

Funko A Clockwork Orange 'Alex' mystery mini figurine

  • £19.99

Some amongst us may say that the classic dystopian works 'A Clockwork Orange' was a glance of things to come. What do you think? Answers on a postcard, or at the very least, via our contact form ;)

Yes indeedy, it's that film that back in the day, everyone was talking about. Another achievement from the revered Stanley Kubrick.

Alex stands at 3" tall and have a father that really should be reported to social services.

These deceptively cute figurines are ready to breathe life into your darkest nightmares, eat your face and/or obliterate your soul. Either way, it'll be a colourful (black) day.

Did you know..?


McDowell came up with the idea for his character to sing the Gene Kelly classic. Kubrick thought the film's famously brutal scene, in which Alex and his droogs attack the writer and his wife, was playing flat during rehearsal. To adequately convey the violent nature of the scene and the sinister nature of the character, he asked McDowell to do something outrageous—like dance around. The actor began humming while dancing, then broke out into "Singin' In The Rain." McDowell would go on to say, "And why did I do that? Because [that song is] Hollywood's gift to the world of euphoria. And that's what the character is feeling at the time."

Sinister, paradoxical and arty.


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