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Funko The Shining Grady Twins Mystery Mini Figurine

Funko The Shining 'The Grady Twins' mystery mini figurine

  • £19.99

“Hello Danny, come and play with us. Come and play with us, Danny…for ever, and ever, and ever.” 

The Grady Twins stand eerily at 2.5" tall and have a father that really should be reported to social services.

OCC F.A.C.T: The OCC manager reveals to us that when he first watched this scene as a young whippersnapper, he was too scared to leave his girlfriends house (which actually worked out quite well).

These deceptively cute figurines are ready to breathe life into your darkest nightmares, eat your face and/or obliterate your soul. Either way, it'll be a colourful (black) day.

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