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Game Of Thrones Sad And Cross Handless Jaime Lannister Cult Vinyl Figurine Mystery Mini

Game of Thrones 'sad and cross handless Jaime Lannister' cult vinyl figurine

  • £49.99

Jaime Lannister. First we hated him. Then we kind of admired him. 

Because you know, everyone should like an incestuous self righteous, arrogant murderer. Hmmm.

Here he is looking down and out, having recently had his hand cut off, mainly for being the enemy AND all the above. Hehe.

These super cute, cult figurines are ready to adorn your bedroom, lounge, car or Christmas tree!

Produced by Funko, this poor handless version of Jaime Lannister was only to be found once in every 144 boxes, making him rarer that steak tartar. Jaime stands discreetly at approximately 3" tall.

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