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Robert Mitchum And Ava Gardner My Forbidden Past Costume Card

Robert Mitchum and Ava Gardner 'My Forbidden Past' costume card

  • £29.99

 This super nostalgic card features tow pieces of actual worn clothes from that film and those artists that can be summed up like this:

A period melodrama stars Ava Gardner as Barbara Beaurevel, a woman who inherits a substantial fortune from her grandmother. The source of the Beaurevel estate is a subject much whispered about among polite company, but Barbara hopes to wipe away its stigma by using her money to help others through good works. Barbara is in love with Dr. Mark Lucas (Robert Mitchum), but since the good doctor is married, there is little she can do to win his affection. Barbara persuades Paul (Melvyn Douglas) to try to seduce Dr. Lucas' wife Corinne (Janis Carter) in hopes of driving him away from her. Not long after this plan fails, Barbara finds a way to truly prove her love to Dr. Lucas. Corrine is murdered, Dr. Lucas is accused of the crime, and Barbara realizes that the testimony that could save his life would mean having to reveal the truth about her grandmother's shameful past. Drama.

  • Worn by Robert Mitchum and Ava Gardener
  • Limited edition of only 49 worldwide
  • Guaranteed by Panini
  • 2.5 x 3.5 inches

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