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Charles Dickens Action Figure Figures

Charles Dickens action figure

  • £34.99

If you haven't heard of good old Charles Dickens, then you've been living in isolation or are missing an education. If you fall into either of those two categories then allow us to help:

Charles Dickens was an English author born in Portsmouth who is considered to be the greatest novelist of the Victorian Era. He is best known for works such as Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, David Copperfield, A Tale of Two Cities and many, many more. His work was praised for its humour, satire and observations of society. A favorite of theatrical producers and filmmakers, Dickens' works have been adapted hundreds of times for film and theatre. Take a bow, son.

 Charles Dickens comes with quill pen and removable hat accessories.

These action figures that Accoutrements produced are simply SPLENDID and occasionally ludicrous.

If you're looking for a unique gift, or the action figure collection that has it all and then some, then, well, you've found exactly where you need to be...

Please note that this is our last figure of Charles, and whilst he is boxed/new, he has slight yellowing to outer perspex and slight damage on the card packaging. It's very slight and doesn't detract from this rare figure that was released way back in 2005.


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