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Castlevania Alucard Action Figure

Castlevania 'Alucard' action figure

  • £64.99

Castlevania 'Symphony of the Night' (or 'Devil's Castle Dracula X: Nocturne in the Moonlight', if you're not from around these parts) is undeniably one of the GREATEST video games ever made.

Taking control of Alucard, Son of Dracula (who we have here in a stunning action figure), it was your task to explore Dracula's Castle, facing hundreds of Demons and Monsters along the way.

Completing the game was one element, completing it whilst discovering ALL of the secrets (we means areas/rooms, weapons, items and spells) was another, almost impossible feat.

We have a love affair with Castlevania here at OCC, and can still be found playing it using our trusty PS3.

This stunning Alucard figure is approx 8" tall and made by Neca/Player Select. 

He comes with sword, holy water and magical cross accessories; basically that what he needs to take out his tyrannical father.

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