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Alien Anthology 15 Card Space Marine Metal Dog Tag Set

  • £49.99

This is a fantastic set that was produced by Upper Deck in 2016.

Each character card has a metal dog tag embedded inside, making for a truly unique collectible. Spanning the 4 fims, there's a total of 15 cards, as listed here:

DT-BS Bishop

DT-BU Burke

DT-CR Christie

DT-DA Dallas Arthur

DT-DH Dwayne Hicks

DT-DI Cpl. Dietrich

DT-DR Drake

DT-GE Gediman

DT-JL Joan Lambert

DT-JO Johner

DT-LD Leonard Dillon

DT-PA Parker

DT-RJ Rebecca 'Newt' Jorden

DT-SB Samuel Brett


DT-VR Vriess

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