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Lord Of The Rings Escape Off Road Wall Plaque

Lord of the Rings 'Escape off the Road' wall plaque

  • £239.99

A hand crafted beautiful, iconic wall-plaque featuring 3D artwork of that moment from Lord of the Rings: 'The Fellowship of the Ring'.

Sideshow Weta produced some stunning artwork for the Lord of the Rings line, and this piece ranks as one of their best.  

  • Lord of the Rings
  • Limited edition of 1000 worldwide
  • Handcrafted collectible
  • Heavyweight polystone
  • By Sideshow Weta

Please note that this plaque is ex-shop display and as thus has been opened and displayed. However, it remains in wonderful condition and will look bloody marvellous wherever it may hang, sit or protrude. 

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