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Peanuts/Snoopy and Garfield Collectibles

It's everyone's favourite beagle, Snoopy, and everyone's favourite cat, Garfield!

And the rest of the Peanuts gang, including the awkward Charlie Brown, cutting Lucy and adorable Woodstock.

Did you know that Schulz and Charlie Brown are/were incredibly similar? It certainly isn't unusual for a writer to have parallels with their primary characters. 

Garfield creator Jim Davis had initially started with a comic strip named ‘Jon’ were he intended Jon to play the lead. However Jon had a wise-cracking cat busting with dangerous amount of naughty energy. So back then, Davis had been working for T.K. Ryan who was the cartoonist of Tumbleweeds and when he tried showing Ryan the developing strip called Jon, Ryan laughed and said that “The strip must be about the cat.”! There you go.