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Lord Of The Rings Arwen And Asfaloth With Wounded Frodo Deluxe Action Figure Set

Lord of the Rings 'Arwen and Asfaloth with wounded Frodo' deluxe action figure set

  • £49.99

This is a stunning horse and rider set featuring Arwen with her trusty steed, Asfaloth, and wounded Frodo (he's recently been pierced by a Morgul blade and will soon become a wraith himself if help is not sought).

Asfaloth features 'galloping action' and some stunning detailing.

When the initial Fellowship of the Rings line was released, this was the only way to obtain an Arwen figure (she was later released in her FotR outfit when the smaller packaged line came out. Collectors often refer to the original, larger boxed figures as 'moon box, referencing their general shape, whereas the newer , smaller packaging figures are often referred to as the 'trilogy' line. You're welcome).






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