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Cult Comics

This is the new 'cult comics' area of the site and I'm the new 'comic book guy', Andy Bear.
In the coming weeks and months you'll see all manner of contemporary books listed, anything from the biggest mainstream publishers to the hippest independents, from the most iconic titles on the shelves today through to the soon to be iconic titles of the future.
Here at OCC we like to do things a little differently and we are not your typical comic book retailer.  In our shop you will find a unique mix of complete mini-series and collected story arcs, highly regarded series runs by key writers or artists, super collectible variants, key issues and of course those illusive #1's, all curated with one thing in mind - to scratch that very specific comic collecting itch.
Whether you're new to the world of comics or a seasoned collector we have you covered and if you don't see it listed then ask - we have a huge inventory and may just have that all important thing you need