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Alien Anthology/Alien Upper Deck Homage to Jones

Posted by Dom Ruskin on

Alien Anthology was released in 2016 by Upper Deck. The set focused on artwork spanning the four films, and included autograph cards, sketch cards and other bonus cards/sub-sets. It was the first non-sports set (with the exception of Marvel) to be offered via epack.

The sets included some star autographs, including Sigourney Weaver and Sir Ian Holm.

Furthermore, the sets attracted a host of sketch card artists, including the respected and established Anthony Tan, Charles Hall, Glebe brothers (Mick & Matt), Ingrid Hardy, Jason Crosby, Mitch Ballard and Tim Shay, to name but a handful.

As a sketch card enthusiast and collector myself, I was keen to pick up some sketches from these sets. Being good friends with a number of the included artists, and in contact with many others, I was able to secure those all-so-revered artist proofs/returns, and along with other regular pack-pulled sketches, I was able to amass a small yet poignant collection of our infamous super feline friend, Jones!

Being in the fortunate position of being one of the sole survivors of the original two films, Jonesy the Ginger Tom likely needs no introduction to fans of the franchise. His original purpose was to control the rodent situation aboard the USCSS Nostromo, but boy, did he get more pesky pests than he bargained for...

So, without any further ado, presented here now for your viewing pleasure is the Upper Deck Alien Anthology/Alien card collection devoted to the pussy-with-prowess himself, Jones the Cat:

 From left to right:

'Xeno Apple of my Jonsey eye' AP by Rustico Limosinero (Upper Deck Alien).

'Jedi Jones Vs Sith Xeno' AP by Mitch Ballard (Upper Deck Alien).

'Jones in Hiding' AP by Marco Carillo (Upper Deck Alien).

'Hunter Jones' AP by Bobby Breed (Upper Deck Alien).


From left to right:

'Catlien' AP by Metalhand (Upper Deck Alien Anthology). (Sadly, Methalhand's pack inserted cards were rejected, so his proofs are the only cards available in the Alien Anthology set, making him an incredibly tough artist to acquire).

'Aggressive Jones' AP by Justin Castaneda (Upper Deck Alien Anthology).

'Ripley, Jones and Xeno' by Justin Castaneda (Upper Deck Alien Anthology).

'Big Mr Jones Comforting Ripley' AP by Mitch Ballard (Upper Deck Alien Anthology).

ADDED 01/10/2018: Cheeky Jones by Michael Duron:

ADDED 24/11/2018: Thunder God Jones by Mitch Ballard:


That's all we have for you right now, folks.

But remember to check back in, as we'll be adding more Jones sketches as we acquire them. In the meantime, click HERE for OCC's available Alien/s sketch cards. Marvellous.

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  • How many Alien sets have there been? Upper Deck has done 3, right? Will they do the 4th and 5th movies? Will the other Alien vs Predator movie be released? How about the prequels? So much potential with this franchise. How do we contact them and tell them to keep going?

    Nuclearasday on
  • Raiden Midas, perfect. Even my wife loves this collection!

    GP Midas on
  • Not the biggest cat fan, but man, these cards are awesome.

    Nine times 9 on
  • Awesome collection. Who is the artist of the ‘game over man’ card?

    Omar on
  • The true hidden star of the 1st two movies!

    SketchaFEX 900 on

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