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Gaming Goodies for Noteworthy Nerdy Nostalgia and Newer Collectibles 🎮 🕹 👍

Posted by Dom Ruskin on

When it comes to gaming merchandise, we are fortunate to be living in the golden age. Here at Oxford Cult Collectibles we are all mahoosively into our video games (not just modern, think SNES, think Megadrive...swoon) and that is why we have made sure that our video game section is as jam-packed as possible. Seriously, we have so many gaming bits n bobs that we could strike you with a Hadouken, lash you longtime with Simon Belmont’s whip and then finish you off with a Sonic Dash. In all seriousness, we encourage you to have a good look at our gaming section as we have some top video game related items, make no mistake. Plus our fixed rate (£5.95) UK (and very reasonable worldwide) shipping is such a resplendent deal it will feel just like you have hit the ? block and scored a Fire Flower. Yay!

Go Home And Be A Family Man

Was what Guile used to tell me when my sister would beat me in Street Fighter II. Awkward. However, now you can go home and buy some proper Street Fighter action figures instead of being a mundane family man. Actually, calling these action figures is doing them a disservice, as we consider them works of pure figure-porn art. These are rare beauties and we’re proud be be currently stocking Blanka,  Cammy and Ryu to name but a few. Did we say that these are some of the most detailed Street Fighter figures ever made? As bloody fantastic as these are though, we also have managed to get our hands on some vintage Street Fighter II action figures. Amazing. These figures were released in 1993 as part of the G.I Joe toy line and we have managed to get hold of some of the most popular characters such as Ken, Guile and that Psycho Crusher bloomin' hard villain, M.Bison. We are sure these very rare vintage Street Fighter II figures are going to be very popular so you better Dragon Punch them while you have the chance.

It Is Dangerous To Go Alone, Take These Super Zelda Items With You!

The Legend Of Zelda series is one of the greatest of all time and here at OCC, we're just as excited for the Breath Of The Wild as you are. So excited that we have used a bomb to open up a secret area in our stock room where we found these amazing Legend Of Zelda items. First up is our epic (and we really do mean epic), Legend Of Zelda Keychain & Necklace Set. This item comes in a wooden style box so it is just like something Link would find in a dungeon or even after a huge battle with a boss. This set has key, shield, heart and even a Master Sword! Every Link/Zelda fan needs this. Truth be told.

If you want something ultra decent then check out our Link From Ocarina Of Time Action Figure. This was released in 2003 and is very, very rare now. So rare that once it is gone it is gone for good as we doubt we will ever be able to track one of these down again! Word to your mother.

You Gotta Go Fast To Catch These Figures!

Of course we are talking about Sonic The Hedgehog and as such we have a great line of Sonic action figures that any collector would be spinning through walls to get. We have the main three characters consisting of Sonic, Tails and original Sonic The Hedgehog rebel, Knuckles. As well as this we also have Shadow The Hedgehog, who stands there looking all dark and brooding. These are fantastic action figures and each one comes with its very own accessory as well as special packaging that tells you what year each figure is representing.

These are but simply a small taste of the video game collectibles that we are proud to have.


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