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We'll Tear Your Soul Apart 😱

Posted by Dom Ruskin on

Hellraiser Collectibles That Will Scare The Bejesus Out Of You!

As you have likely figured out, here at Oxford Cult Collectibles, we revere all things cult, but one that is copacetic and scary as the  Hell its very self is Hellraiser, the beautiful gothic horror involving torture, leather and dimensions that wouldn't have a good review on tripadvisor.

It's the nightmare realm that stems from the creative mind of the legendary Clive Barker.

We know there's an army of Pinhead and Cenobite fans out there and that is why we are aiming to bring you more potential Hellraiser possessions than if you were to open the puzzle box your very self.

However, when you deal with us, we will not take your soul, which when you add in our free domestic shipping is quite the epic deal. Oh yes sir, that's right. Neat.

So what is it that makes Hellraiser so splendid…. Well first of all you need to work out if you take a PRO or ANTI stance with regards to the army of straight to DVD/Netflix movies that have come out (did you know as of writing there is actually 9 Hellraiser movies?).

The first two are all time horror classics, three was ok and four did a great job in telling the origins of the series, whilst zooming into the future/past, which was unusual, but still kind of magnificent. There has been talk of a reboot of Hellraiser, but that has been hinted and rumoured for many years now so we will believe it when it happens, or when Pinhead appears and tells us it's happening (via sharp instruments and hooks no doubt).

Build Your Own Cenobite Army!

If you want to build your own Cenobite army or just have some really cool collectables around the house then you will love our series of Hellraiser collectible action figures. Actually calling these action figures is doing them a relative disservice, as they are highly detailed and look like they have just stepped right off the screen. Pinhead is well represented and is a must for any Hellraiser fan. From the sculpt to the packaging this figure captures Pinhead's iconic look better than any other we have seen and make no mistake, we say that as mahoosive Hellraiser fans.

If you have Pinhead then right next to him you need The Demon Princess herself, Angelique! This is the best likeness of Angelique you can get. She is sexy, she is evil and she will not hesitate to mess you up really bad, but that is exactly what we love about her! Bloodline may not be everyone’s favourite Hellraiser movie, but Angelique is certainly a character that captured many people’s hearts...literally! 

One of the things that makes Hellraiser such an iconic series is that while Pinhead looks spine-chilling, the other Cenobites are also very memorable and downright creepy in their own right. One of the most epic looking figures is that big fatty, Barbie. This demon comes with an extra head and some very decent accessories. Many people say this figure is the crown jewel in the Hellraiser line and we are too scared to disagree with anyone who is a diehard fan of the plump beast. The Wire Twins are perhaps the best deal in the whole Hellraiser line. You get both Wire Twins as well as their 'pet' which is a creepy as fornicate under command of king bendable torso (that reminds us of Chatterer) that is sure to freak out anyone who comes to your abode. While the Hellraiser action figure line is as you would expect, very disturbing. The Skinless Julia figure from series 2 has some of the most horrific box art we have ever seen...we love it!

Get Me A Pint Or Piss Off To Hell!

Pinhead and The Lament Configuration are the two most iconic elements about Hellraiser and we can now mix them with beer! While we wish we could tell you that we have a way to summon Pinhead so he will work as your own personal beer slave that is not the case. But what we do have is an epic set of Lament Configuration beer mats that will look fantastic hosting your beer or chosen beverage, thus preventing the Cenobites from taking it. We do not care how fiendish they are, we are not sharing our booze with them. Period. Oh nopey nope.

If you are a fan of Hellraiser or just looking for that perfect Hellraiser gift for a friend, you have come to the right place. Amen. 


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